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Ruth Lyne

I have always been intrigued by the natural colours and textures of the sea shore, by the wide horizons and the surface of the cliffs. Fusing glass with metal leaf at temperatures of over 800 degrees allows me to create permanent forms inspired by memories of the coast. When the glass cools, the patterns and textures created in the kiln are trapped and become permanent. The flat sheet can then be shaped in a second firing making a gentle curve that enhances the simple, abstract design of the platter. Each firing lasts about twenty four hours.


I am also interested in the visual language used in abstract painting and place vertical and horizontal elements to instil a sense of calm and balance in the design. I don't try to replicate the natural world but to create images that evoke a range of feelings and maybe memories, in the viewer and in me.


Although I am inspired by the coast, I make all my work in my studio in rural Northamptonshire, a very long way from the sea.

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